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  • Westerman, E.L, N. VanKuren, D. Massardo, A. Tenger-Trolander, W. Zhang, R. I. Hill, M. Perry, E. Bayala, K. Barr, N. Chamberlain, T. E. Douglas, N. Buerkle, S. Palmer & M. R. Kronforst. Aristaless controls butterfly wing color variation used in mimicry and mate choice. Current Biology, 2018.
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  • Rossato, D.O., D. Boligon, R. Fornel, M. R. Kronforst, G. L. Gonçalves, G. R. P. Moreira. Subtle variation in size and shape of the whole forewing and the red band among co- mimics revealed by geometric morphometric analysis in Heliconius butterflies. Ecology and Evolution, 2018.
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