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Daniela Palmer
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Daniela Palmer  

Daniela Palmer

Committee on Evolutionary Biology
1025 E. 57th Street, Culver Hall 402
Chicago, IL 60637


I am generally interested in the processes that generate and maintain phenotypic diversity. Batesian mimics like Papilio polytes show remarkable within-species diversity in their wing patterns and I am investigating the genetic mechanisms that produce these disparate phenotypes. In addition to characterizing wing patterning mechanisms within P. polytes, I am also studying the evolution of mimicry in a larger, comparative context.


Palmer DH, Tan YQ, Finkbeiner SD, Briscoe AD, Monteiro A, Kronforst MR. 2018. Experimental field tests of Batesian mimicry in the swallowtail butterfly Papilio polytes. In review.

Westerman EL, Letchinger R, Tenger-Trolander A, Massardo D, Palmer DH, Kronforst MR. 2018. Does male preference play a role in maintaining female limited polymorphism in a Batesian mimetic butterfly? Behavioral Processes 150: 47-58.

Palmer DH, Kronforst MR. 2015. Divergence and gene flow among Darwin's finches: A genome-wide view of adaptive radiation driven by interspecies allele sharing. BioEssays 37(9):968-974.

Kunte K, Zhang W, Tenger-Trolander A, Palmer DH, Martin A, Reed RD, Mullen SP, Kronforst MR. 2014. doublesex is a mimicry supergene. Nature 507: 229-232.

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