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Wei Zhang
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Wei Zhang  

Wei Zhang, PhD

Room 202, Dept at Ecology & Evolution
Department of Ecology and Evolution
1101 East 57th Street, Chicago, IL 60637



Ph.D. (07/2011) – Botany
2005.9 - 2011.7 Peking University, State Key Laboratory of Protein and Plant Gene Research, Beijing, China
B. Sc. (07/2005) – Biotechnology (Microbiology)
2001. 9 - 2005.7 Shandong University, Jinan, China


2012-Present Postdoctoral Scholar, the University of Chicago, Dept at Ecology & Evolution
2012 Research Assistant, University of Chicago, Pediatrics Hospital


2013-Present: I keep on working on the genetic basis of Batesian mimicry in Asian swallowtail butterflies and introgression in Heliconius butterflies using next-generation sequencing approaches. I am also interested in identifying candidate genes involved in wing color pigmentation in monarch butterflies.

2012-2013: I studied conserved genes in three species including Papilio glaucus, canadensis & appalachiensis based on de novo transcriptome assembly and detected a complicated gene flow among these species. I also worked on SNP detection and association mapping of mimicry supergene in Papilio polytes.

2012: I worked on sulfation sites identification of PAPS synthetase in mice.

2009-2011: I focused on the functional ncRNA in cyanobacteria based on RNA-seq and de novo genome assembly on Microcystis.

2007-2010: I studied a calcium binding protein in cyanobacteria, HetR, a key regulator of heterocyst differentiation.

2005-2008: My main work was investigating physiological function of Ca2+ in cyanobacteria Anabaena PCC 7120.


(* co-firsst authors)

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Zhao J, Zhang W. Method and Application of Constructing a Type of Fatty Acid Producing Bacteria. China Patent Application No.: 201010119259X.

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